GSL Adiabatic Condenser

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SPL GSL Series Adiabatic Condenser combines the best of wet and dry cooling, is one designed device by one highly Evaporator together with combined flow open loop cooling tower. In Pre-Cooler mode, the water is evenly sprayed over the hydrophilic pads, the air is humidified as it passes through the pads. The cooled air passes over the coil and condenses the refrigerant in the coil, then be discharge to outside under the driving of fans on the top.

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■ Both air cooling and evaporative cooling, highly heat exchanging;

■ Pre-cooled and pre-humidified air, with highly cooling performance;

■ No water running in winter, with no problem resulted by water freezing usually happens on evaporative condensers and cooling towers;

■ Low water consumption and energy usage, 60% lower water consumption compared to Closed Cooling tower on same working condition, approximately 10% lower power usage. 


• Higher performance in hot Summer compared to the Dry Air Cooler;

• No Scaling on coils, No spray water freezing problem in Winter;

• Compact design, Overall Transport, Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance;

• Low Energy Usage, No environment pressure, Save Operation, Long life;


Mainly used in circulating water condensation or compressor refrigerants condensation and cooling, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy etc industry; especially the summer wet bulb temperature is higher, the shortage of water resources arid and semi-arid regions.


LNG project in Shangxi Province;

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